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Wow...the first one...definitely.

What's Your One Piece Doujinshi Personality?

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You are: Sanji-type.


Extremely romantic, tenderhearted, and chivarous, you are in love with being in love. Simply put, you feel the need to shower someone with your attention and emotions. Why is that? Probably because you want to be loved yourself. You are such a giving soul that it's against your nature to ask for things in return. You are loving others the way you would like to be loved. Unfortunately, you are so attentive and doting that it will be hard to find someone who will be able to reciprocate in the same way. This leads to a general pining away for someone who doesn't return your affections. When this happens, you are given to bouts of depression or melancholy sighing and laying around on the kitchen floor.

You have another side, though. With the right person, you can be very sly and seductive. Usually this tends to be a person who doesn't quite get what you're up to. This gives you the upper hand for once and that makes you a tangy force to be reckoned with. Your perseverance will pay off someday, don't worry. You're like the heart-eyed bullet train of love and there's no stopping you.

Caution: As doujinshi Sanji, you may be prone to sexually harassing Zoro-types or Luffy-types to take out your frustration with the unresponsive Nami-type. Please concentrate your energies on cooking and cleaning, and make sure you have plenty of cigarettes. If you were to run out, your libido will run wild, causing you to moan and whine and lay all over the floor with your shirt undone, even more than usual. Your face and hair may become more feminine and you will be in danger of being uked. Repeatedly. And by everyone.

And I mean everyone.

Please use extreme caution at all times.

You are most compatible with: Another Sanji-type would give back to you as you give to them, but for some real fun, go after a stoic, repressed Zoro-type and watch the sparks fly.

Advice: Pick up a new hobby, like music. You can serenade your honey with a sexy siren song.

You are pansexual.

What is your sexual orientation?
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I am Hack Sign!
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